Our team is well trained to avail you with the best possible seafood products. Luke Export follows a uniquely designed methodology to process marine foods for ensuring that natural taste is always maintained.

The very first step starts with the washing and cleaning of the raw material as soon as it reaches the factory. This is followed by quality testing and precise weighing. After that the product is transferred to the processing hall. Our team maintains immense attention right from the receiving of raw material to the delivery of finished products thus always succeeding in maintaining international standards.

At present, we have two units- one was established in 2002 at Sakthikulangara in Kerala and later we started one more at Padanthalumoodu in Tamil Nadu which was commissioned in March 2007.

We rely on the latest technological features and have great infrastructural facilities which include pre-processing hall, processing hall, effluent treatment plants and cold storage. All machineries are operated by highly professional and extremely dedicated manpower. Luke Export also provides our esteem customers with royal room facilities so that their purchasing process is not just worthy but also convenient.
Purchase Centers & raw material transportation facilities All along the Indian peninsular region ranging from Gujrat Coast to Visakhapatinam. We also import material unavailable in India from countries like China, Chile and Newzealand We have our own fleet of insulated and refrigerated trucks to transport raw material from the landing centers to our pre-processing facilities, thus ensuring the freshness of the material.
Depuration Center We have our own facility for depuration of univalve and bivalve mollusks in live condition at the seacoast at Kollam, Kerala, India with a handling capacity of 6 tonnes per day.
Pre-processing Centers With pre-processing facilities at Kollam and Padanthalumoodu, the firm is able to handle all varieties of raw material ranging from crustaceans, mollusks and finish.
Ice plant The firm has a Block Ice plant with a capacity of 15 tonnes a day and Flake Ice unit with a capacity of 10 tonnes a day.
Processing Unit The processing unit, located at Padanthalumoodu, Tamilnadu, India is having the following freezing facilities:

Facility Capacity No.s Total Capacity
Blast Freezers 15 MT 2 30 MT / day
Contact Freezers 6 MT 2 12 MT/ day
IQF Machine 8 MT 1 8 MT / day
Frozen Storage The In-house Frozen Storage at Padanthalumoodu is having a capacity of 1000 tonnes. The independent frozen store at Nanguneri, Tamilnadu, located close to Tuticorin port, is having a capacity of 3000 tonnes.
Transportation We have our own fleet of Refrigerated vehicles for transportation of finished goods. In case of shipments, we have house stuffing facilities where the containers are brought to the store and products are loaded into the pre-cooled containers so that temperature abuse is avoided.
Power Back up Although we have our own transformer and dedicated power line, in the remote incident of a power failure, we have power back up by solar power plants as well as diesel generators which would ensure the smooth functioning of the frozen stores.
This is the most common shrimp species in Sri Lanka. They have been intensively cultured for more than two decades, in certain parts of the Island. Alpex has developed a premium price for the product, in the Japanese market. Total production of Black Tiger Prawns in Sri Lanka, is approximately 5000MTs per annum, with Alpex Marine responsible for over 50% of annual exports.

Welcome to Luke Export!

M/s. Luke Export has been in the field of processing and export of a variety of fish and fishery products for more than two decades. Constantly and consistently driven towards the goal of supplying natural, fresh and nutritious seafood, we have netted customers from around the globe.

The geographic location which is strategic in terms of sourcing raw material, excellent infrastructure and easy access to international markets gives the firm the edge to offer consistent quality products in time. We are equipped with adequate technical expertise and the management of the establishment is highly committed to the task of producing safe and wholesome fish and fishery products free from adulteration.
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