Sea food has , from ancient times, been an integral part of the diet of man.It has been a source of top quality protein, Proteins are the building blocks of life and seafood has abundeands of it. Studies has proven that seafood plays an important part in the growth of human foetus. Its low in saturated fat and high in omega 3 and essential fatty acids. Its a best sourse of Vitamin A and D which inturn is essential for brain development. Its also rich in minerals like zinc, iodine and selenium.

Its been proven that seafood is essential for a healthy heart. Researches have proven that the occurance of heart diseases among the inhabitants of artic region is very rare because seafood is an integral part of their diet.

We work round the clock to get the best seafood to your table ensuring its freshness and quality. Our dedicated staff backed by the modern scientific processing techniques ensure that the best catch is brought to your table.

• Low in fat and cholesterol.

• It boosts human brain power and prevents dementia.

• Helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

• Healthy skin and eyes.

• Enhances immunity of the body.

• Resists depression and hyperactivity.

• Protection against cancer, diabetes, asthma and circulation issues.


Welcome to Luke Export!

M/s. Luke Export has been in the field of processing and export of a variety of fish and fishery products for more than two decades. Constantly and consistently driven towards the goal of supplying natural, fresh and nutritious seafood, we have netted customers from around the globe.

The geographic location which is strategic in terms of sourcing raw material, excellent infrastructure and easy access to international markets gives the firm the edge to offer consistent quality products in time. We are equipped with adequate technical expertise and the management of the establishment is highly committed to the task of producing safe and wholesome fish and fishery products free from adulteration.
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