Luke Export offers a wide variety of Seafood products: Molluscs, Crustaceans and Finfishes in Live, Chilled and Frozen forms. Please go through the products page to see the platter that we offer:
Luke Export has the advantage of having easy access to Trivandrum International Airport having good connectivity with various destinations around the globe. This aids in delivering fresh chilled products to customers without delays or temperature abuse, ensuring the quality of the products.

A. Mullimeat

Trade Name : Mullimeat / Murex meat
Scientific name: Chicoreus ramosus
Peak Season: August to December
Available sizes: 50/100, 100/150, 150/up (grams per piece)

B. Cuttlefish

Trade Name: Cuttlefish / Aori Ika
Scientific name: Sepia spp
Peak Season: June to January
Exported as: Whole/ Whole Cleaned/ Fillets/ Cones
Available sizes: U/1, 1/2, 2/4, 5/7, 8/12, 13/20 (pieces per Kg)

C. Squid

Trade Name: Squid / Yari Ika
Scientific name: Loligo spp, Uroteuthis spp
Peak Season: August to October
Exported as: Whole/ Whole Cleaned/ Fillets/ Tubes/ Rings/Tentacles
Available sizes: U/3, 3/6, 6/10, 10/20, 20/40 (sizes of whole, pieces per Kg)

D. Octopus

Trade Name: Octopus
Scientific name: Octopus spp
Peak Season: September to January
Exported as: Whole/ Gutted, Eye & Beak off
Available sizes: 100/200,200/300, 300/500, 500/up (grams per pieces) and 10/20, 20/40, 40/60, 60/up (pieces per Kg)


A. Chilled Shrimps

Trade Name: Black Tiger/ White/ Poovalan/ Vannamei
Scientific name: Penaeus monodon/. Penaeus indicus/ Metapenaeus spp/ Litopenaeus vannamei
Peak Season: March to September
Exported as: Head on, Headless, Tail on, PUD, PD

B. Chilled Lobsters

Trade Name: Lobster / Sand Lobster
Scientific name: Panulirus spp / Thenus orientalis
Peak Season: September to March
Exported as: Whole, Tails

C. Chilled Crabs

Trade Name: Mud Crab/ Sea Crab
Scientific name: Scylla serrata/ Portunus spp
Peak Season: September to March
Exported as: Whole, Cut Crab


Trade Name: Groupers/ Snappers/ Emperor/ Red mullet/ Parrot fish/ Sole fish/ Pomfrets/ Tunas
Scientific name: Epinephelus spp/ Lutjanus spp/ Lethrinus spp/ Parupenius spp/ Scarus spp/ Cynoglossus spp / Pampus spp/ Thunnus spp, Katsuwonus spp
Peak Season: September to March
Exported as: Whole, Whole Gutted, Fillets, Steaks, Loins


Welcome to Luke Export!

M/s. Luke Export has been in the field of processing and export of a variety of fish and fishery products for more than two decades. Constantly and consistently driven towards the goal of supplying natural, fresh and nutritious seafood, we have netted customers from around the globe.

The geographic location which is strategic in terms of sourcing raw material, excellent infrastructure and easy access to international markets gives the firm the edge to offer consistent quality products in time. We are equipped with adequate technical expertise and the management of the establishment is highly committed to the task of producing safe and wholesome fish and fishery products free from adulteration.
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